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You are here for a reason that we both understand very well. You are looking to find a little more about how affiliate marketing works and how can we help you to make money from the comfort of sitting in your very own couch at home. With plently of people at homes, single moms, or people offering assurance that a certain system works and that you could start earning real cash in no time. We are promising a good deal here and the system which has actually worked out for our customers. Maybe you've discovered affiliate marketing while searching the web for online marketing solutions, or maybe you've heard of affiliate marketing but are still unsure on the mechanics of it all. Well this is where we come in - we're here to help.

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Well, you will be a pubisher or an affiliate. And your primary job would be to promote products of the advertiser i.e. laywell beds and mattresses. By promoting the advertiser's products on your publisher's website, you are maximising your advertising revenue. So, whether you are looking to start making money online by monetising your website or want to grow your existing affiliate business, our platform and proven expertise drive results. This online business is for anyone who is seeking a career in affiliate marketing as their only or secondary source of income. You decide your own working hours, your own routine to sit and promote your website and products on your website, the more you advertise, the more chances you have people ordering through your website and more chances for your earning

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We believe everyone deserves the right to make real money therefore we give everyone equal chance. So, if you are looking to earn money from home, if you are a single mom with kids and it is difficult to go out for work or if you are looking for a freelancing work as a self employed, this website is for everyone.

We offer different options to becoming an affiliate marketer.

  1. You can choose from over a dozen of readymade website's templates; OR
  2. We can make you your own custom made website in your chosen niche

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Once you have chosen your website type we then give you a training package which shows you how to get customers and use your website. We will make your website ready to go live so that your job will just be to sit relax, advertise your own website and help people looking for products. Everytime, a person logs on to your website and reaches out to the advertiser's website to shop and buy, you earn a commission straight into your paypal. Well, if you do not have paypal account, we can arrange a cash transfer by the end of every two weeks.

In the world of affiliate marketing, an advertiser can be a company selling a product like electronics, airline tickets, clothing or car parts, or an advertiser could also be an insurance company selling policies. The most important thing to remember is that you are an advertiser if you are ready to pay other people to help you sell and promote your business.

Our advertiser is a business class seller for products like beds and mattresses. He is being selling these products in the UK for the past 15 years.

A publisher is an individual or company that promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission. In our business scenario, you will be a publisher with your very own state of the art website which will be linked directly with the advertiser's affiliate program. So, every time, you bring a customer to advertiser's website using your website, and that customer purchases anything within the first 30 days of his/her lannding on advertiser's website, you will earn a commission directly in your paypal account. This is a simple system and all it needs is a computer or a laptop to work from and a . You can work from your mobile device too provided you have a fast speed internet and you can advertie your website on multiple platforms.

The final component that completes the affiliate relationship triangle is the consumer. The consumer is the one who actually sees the ad and then acts upon it. They will be taken from the publisher’s website to the advertiser’s to complete the action, whether that is purchasing a product or completing a lead; either way when this is complete we call it a conversion. Upon every successful conversion, you as a publisher or affiliate will earn your commission.


What are the products am going to sell?
  • Divan bed frames
  • Sleigh bed frames
  • Mattress
  • Hand stitched mattress
  • Ottoman Beds
  • Floor standing headboard
  • Ottoman storage boxes
Will be in different fabrics, style, design all the products will have 6 months manufacture warranty.
Why sell our products?
As it’s a competitive market, we as a manufacturer and a retailer we can keep our prices low. We also deliver our self all around the U.K. with no delivery charge. We assemble each bed so the customer is happy with the bed. We take away the old bed and disposal of it all at no extra cost.
So all this will be a good selling point and attract potential customers so they more likely to buy from you rather than any one else who just delivered to the door not the bed room.
What will I get?
  • You can choose any name of your website.
  • We will procure a logo which you can choose and adjust how ever you like
  • We will then make a website for you which you can choose from our prebuilt templates
  • 1 year of free hosting
  • Up to 5 email address
  • Full U.K based support website and direct with the manufacturer.
How much can I earch?
Some of our partners are earning with in 3 months up to £4000 pcm, but this is up to you how much work you put in advertising your website.
Commission are different on each product, starts from £5 all the way up to £40 just depends what you sell.
Why would people buy beds from me?
All for a very simple reason that half of the life a person spends on the bed, so people always getting new Beds & Mattress every 6/12 months.
What is my role?
We make the bed, delivery it, assembly it, take the old bed away.
All you have to do is get the sale and the commission will be paid directly to you via cash, bank transfer any method of your choosing

What if I get negative feed back?

We can assure you that you will not this is because our service is 100%. We put our customers first.
There is no company in the whole of U.K that delivers to the bedroom and assemble the bed, takes the packaging away, take old bed and safely dispose it off. So the positive feed back will always be thumps up.
This is not your quick rich get business, it’s simple the more you hours you put in in advertising the more money you make.

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 100% Ownership of your own Website Busines
 No need to register as a business - start as an individual or a self employed

 FREE Domain name and Hosting for first 12 months (only £50/yr after)

  ALL affiliate accounts, admin & website registration in your name from the 2nd year onwards

 Earn revenue from products that literally sells itself

 Real-time tracking of your revenue AND payments direct to your bank or to your Paypal

 Fully mobile responsive, easy to edit and customisable website

 Complete up and running and ready to earn within 30 days

Earn Money! 17th December 2017

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